ATP: Peel Slowly and See – Day Two


ATP: Peel Slowly and See – Day Two

ATP 2015.
The crowd.Photo: ATP/Facebook.

With a distinctively alternative flavor, Day Two of All Tomorrow’s Parties 2015 was even more action-packed than Day One.

Bardo Pond

I loved the flute playing. When was the last time you heard a flute in a rock concert? I liked the ‘In My Time of Dying’-esque slide guitar. I liked the maudlin. Wistful strumming. I liked the emotive singer. I appreciated the droning.

In general, I would say I like watching older people play sometimes more than the young. Oftentimes, watching younger people on stage makes me feel like I’ve missed the boat on contemporary popular culture. I didn’t feel that way here.


Ah, the new recruits! I loved the singer’s idiosyncratic voice, the band’s sense of dynamics, their adventurous fretting, their grasp of hooking, the general atmosphere,

The singer’s voice wasn’t smooth, thankfully. So tired of hearing those. He grasps the minor scale. Wow, they do play epic riffs. The drummer was mic’ed up properly. They sounded great.

Mudhoney. Photo: ATP/alvpeerz.


Now that’s a great band. These tough guys were having fun, no fooling. They are just a solid band, enjoying themselves, devoid of pretension. They played Fang and Black Flag covers. I’ve always loved them, and I always will. They kept the brand strong.

Drive Like Jehu

Caught of few seconds of the act. Quite driving music. Hypnotic, in fact. They reminded me a bit of Rites of Spring. The way in which they endlessly repeated figures at the end was really cool.


As an act, they utilize subtle beautifully. They are very emotive, producing a beautiful melancholy. They sure are a cryptic band. I love the celluloid loops behind them. A true Cinematic Orchestra.

After a while I felt like I was in a movie, a Stan Brakhage movie, one flipping, rotating and cross dissolving. Machinery, plans, concrete complexes everywhere. Flyovers, markets and the moon. High rise living. Desolation.

Their sound is truly morose, exposing you to deep feelings you may have hidden. Theirs is a serious music. The guitars multiplied and floating above heads. They produced angular, unceasing passages, epic chord formations, and a swelling pain.

This music is perfect for going sober. It really sucks you in. This band was really for me.

Valgeir Sigurðsson with Liam Byrne

These guys made me happy. That’s all I care to say.

An unrelated note: I watched Naked Gun 33 1/3 in German on the ATP-sponsored bus ride home. Thanks guys, that movie rocks.

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