Eivør - Bridges


Eivør - Bridges

By Edward Hancox
Eivor bridges album cover

Bridges is the latest effort from Faroese chanteuse Eivør Pálsdóttir. Eivør, who is now based in Denmark, has spent a great deal of time in Iceland. She was even awarded at the Icelandic Music Awards back in 2003. Eivør is extremely talented—there's no doubt about that—and can turn her hand to pop, folk, rock, jazz or classical vocals. Now 31, Eivør first came to light in a Faroese singing competition at the age of 13, and hasn't really stopped since then, constantly evolving and recreating herself.

Bridges has folk leanings over soft electronica, in the main. It's not a million miles from Emilíana Torrini, and will surely garner some lazy, uneducated comparisons with Björk. It had some early highlights too; the catchy, wonderful refrain of 'Forever Friends' over its kooky instrumentation, the soft but beguiling title track with its distant but beautiful vocals.

Eivør has described the album’s concept: “Bridges became a common denominator for the whole album. Different kinds of bridges that take you from one place to another; change the way you think; make you happier, wiser, more in love or just more whatever. To me, this album is filled with declarations of love.”

'Tides' certainly follows this concept, and benefits from some tender, heartbeat-like electronics to supplement it's eloquent lyrics - 'Seven moonlit tears I cried / tides collided in my eyes / waves can wound a moonlit shore / but they can't hurt me anymore'.

You could level a criticism that the album runs out of steam towards the end on the first few listens, but this would be unfair. It's just that it takes a few listens to fully appreciate the nuances in the gentler pieces here. She does, however, occasionally tread a fine line between subtle and anodyne. The less attentive listener will not benefit from this and without concentration, the whole thing could just slip by unnoticed. This is not how a 'declaration of love' should be.


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