Lagoon car rental


Lagoon car rental

Freedom and Flexibility!

Exploring Iceland by car gives travelers the freedom and flexibility that tours simply can’t match. Whether it’s a multi-day ring road drive in the summer or a short Reykjavík getaway in the winter, a car allows you to cruise Iceland’s roads and experience the best sights on your own schedule. Lagoon Car Rental is a small, family-owned agency that only rents new cars and has offices in Reykjavík and Keflavík. All the cars rented out are less than two years old and are wellequipped for traveling in Iceland’s unique weather conditions.


Lagoon Car Rental’s Keflavík office is located just five minutes from Keflavík International Airport and is open 24/7. For guests who have just arrived in Iceland and are picking up their car in Keflavík, a representative from the company will be waiting in the arrivals hall. The employee will be ready to help with your luggage and drive you to the rental office where you pick up your car. The friendly staff are always available to answer questions and provide personal customer service by selecting the right car for your journey, as well as offering information on roads and conditions.


The company currently has scores of cars available for rent, ranging from small economy cars to large mountain trucks. Some of the vehicles available include more compact options like Toyota Yaris, Renault Clio, and Hyundai i20, as well as mid-size cars like VW Golf, Dacia Logan Wagon, and Suzuki Jimny. For those that want to explore the F-roads during the summer, guests can choose from a Dacia Duster, Toyota Rav4 and Subaru Forester, among others. For especially rough terrain, guests could opt for an Isuzu D-Max 4.4 mountain truck with 33-inch tires.


Driving in Iceland isn’t always easy, especially during the winter when travelers can encounter snow, rain, sleet, ice and high winds. The staff at Lagoon Car Rental make sure that customers are informed about the weather and road conditions. “We like to go over where they plan to go with the car and we discuss whether the plan is safe and what kind of car makes the most sense for them,” says Einar Smárason, manager of marketing and sales for Lagoon Car Rental. “Safety is a top priority and it’s important that customers know the specific conditions in Iceland, like wind and ice. That‘s why all our cars have studded tires during the winter.”

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