Climb To The Top


Climb To The Top

At the very top of Iceland, Siglufjörður is a charming town nestled next to a small fjord of the same name. It draws a large part of its beauty from the high mountains which imposingly surround the town—but relatively few visitors ever think of going hiking up there—and they are missing out!

Top Mountaineering exists to bring Siglufjörður’s natural and human history to life. The small company’s passionate guides know nearly all there is to know about the local area, its folk stories, historical events and places, and the ancient walking trails over the mountains between farms and villages.

You’d be surprised what hidden gems lurk in the mountains, but you won’t be surprised to hear that the views are out of this world. Top Mountaineering has a team of experienced professionals who are able to accommodate groups large and small, whether they want a few hours exploration or a full-on climbing trek across challenging terrain. Top Mountaineering has exciting options for hikers of all ability levels.

The company is also able to tailor trips to visitors’ interests, taking different routes and pointing out different highlights for birdwatchers, archaeologists, saga aficionados or photographers, to name a few.

Whatever your preference, Top Mountaineering will help you experience Siglufjörður in a unique and memorable way—with the peace of mind of quality safety equipment, local knowledge and years of experience.