Melting Winter


Melting Winter

Watch an audio slideshow of the winter in Iceland melting away. The photos were taken of the half-frozen river Ellidaár that flows through Reykjavík by IR photographer Páll Kjartansson.

The song is ‘Two Directions,’ track no. 4 of Sail to the Moon by the Icelandic band Ampop.

Lighthouse South Iceland

Iceland’s South Coast

Watch a slideshow of images from Iceland's South Coast. Photos by Geir Ólafsson. Slideshow by Páll...
Highlands album cover

Interview with Highlands

Unnsteinn Manuel Stefánsson of Retro Stefson interviews Karin Sveinsdóttir, who recently founded the group...

Icelandic Confirmation

Watch an audio slideshow of a Lutheran confirmation, a longstanding tradition in Iceland.
Ice cave, South Iceland

Ice and Caves

Watch a slideshow of images from Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon and an ice cave in Vatnjajökull. Photos by Páll...