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Local vs. Imported Vegetables

Photo: Golli

Q: I heard that prices between local greenhouse crops, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and imported fresh vegetables vary badly. This is due to abolished taxes on imported foods (making it difficult to compete with less expensive imports) and also the subsidies on energy prices from the government sank from 40% in 2002 to 20% in 2013. But what are the current prices for tomatoes or cucumbers from Iceland vs. imported?

Victoria, Germany.


Yes, it’s unfortunately true. The prices do vary a lot. Many Icelandic consumers preach buying Icelandic vegetables due to the supposed superior freshness and taste, but the price is certainly quite steep when compared to imported vegetables.

The prices in Bónus discount store on the 15th of August, 2018:


Icelandic – 398 Icelandic króna per. Kg (in packaging)

Foreign (Dutch) – 219 Icelandic króna per Kg.

Icelandic product 81.74% more expensive.


Icelandic - 898 Icelandic per Kg. (in packaging)

Foreign (Dutch) – 379 Icelandic króna per Kg.

Icelandic product 136.94% more expensive.

Chinese cabbage

Icelandic – 429 Icelandic króna per Kg.

Foreign (Dutch) – 259 Icelandic króna per Kg.

Icelandic product 65.64% more expensive.


Only Icelandic cucumber available. 477 króna per Kg.


Icelandic – 549 Icelandic króna per Kg.

Foreign (Dutch) – 345 Icelandic króna per Kg.

Icelandic product 59.13% more expensive.


For reference, the exchange rate is as follows:

100 Icelandic króna – 0.80 Euro – 0.91 US Dollar – 0.72 Pound sterling