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Information Leaked to Influence Courts?

The head of the Association of Icelandic Judges believes information regarding the stock ownership of Supreme Court judges must have been leaked to the media in order to influence the operation of the courts.

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Judge States He Followed Rules

Last night, the TV news analysis program Kastljós suggested that an Icelandic supreme court lawyer might have failed to report his purchase and sale of shares in Glitnir Bank prior to the 2008 banking collapse.

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Supreme Court Affirms Kaupþing Convictions

Yesterday afternoon The Supreme Court of Iceland affirmed the guilty verdicts handed down by the Reykjavík District Court in June of last year over seven out of nine former Kaupþing bank directors.

Supreme Court of Iceland

Calls to Strengthen Restraining Order Law

It is increasingly important to for Iceland to give restraining order laws sharper teeth, as well as strengthening laws preventing people being thrown out of home by partners or other housemates, according to seven organizations that delivered a critical report to the Ministry for the Interior...