A car which was damaged by a mysterious flying toilet

High Flying Toilet Destroys Car

A few days ago, Hubert Lewandowski parked his Volkswagen Golf at Sólvallargata in the western part of Reykjavík, to pick up his girlfriend and take her out to a coffee house.

Airport Workers Strike Again

A continuing dispute between the Icelandic state and staff of Isavia, the country’s airports and air navigation service, means more strike action and flight delays this morning.

Icelandic passport

Icelandic Passport “Not Valid”

Lea Gestsdóttir, an Icelandic guide, was traveling in South Africa with friends earlier this week when they decided to visit Swaziland. She had to wait at the border as officials were reportedly baffled by her passport, claiming that it was not valid.

Sunset in Reykjavík

Icelanders Top Nordic Sleeping Pill Use

Icelanders take two to three times the amount of sleeping pills used by people elsewhere in the Nordic countries. The Directorate of Health has raised concern about the effects of excessive pharmaceutical use.