gavel as used in courts

Dope Dealer in Trouble

A man living in Egilsstaðir, East Iceland, has been charged with trying to bribe four policemen after they found 25 grams of amphetamine, intended for sale, during a search of his apartment.

Police car

Fast and Furious Drivers

The police in Hvolsvöllur, South Iceland, caught a motorbike rider driving 187 km/ h (117 mph) or 97 km/h (60 mph) over the speed limit, just east of the town yesterday.

Bus in Reykjavík

Bus Driver Busted

Passengers traveling with Reykjavík bus number 11 last Friday night were surprised when the driver drove off from Mjódd bus terminal reading from his tablet without looking up during the 1.6 km (1 mile) journey to Sprengisandur down Breiðholtsbraut, a major road.

Landspítali National University Hospital

Nurse Charged with Manslaughter

The Director of Public Prosecutions in Iceland has charged Landspítali National University Hospital and a nurse working at the hospital’s intensive care unit with manslaughter due to negligence after a patient in their care died in 2012.

Icelandic Men Live Longest

Icelanders are known for having among the longest life expectancies in the world. According to the latest report from the World Health Organisation (WHO), life expectancy among Icelandic men is 81 years, the longest in the world.

Reykjavík City Hall

Two Thousand Teachers Attend Rally

Around 2,000 primary school teachers, who are on strike, attended a rally at Ingólfstorg in downtown Reykjavík this morning. The teachers then gathered at the town hall to demand a wage increase.

Westman Islands

Exams Postponed for Handball Game

Elliði Vignisson, mayor of Vestmannaeyjar on the island of Heimaey in Vestmannaeyjar (the Westman Islands), has asked the town’s schools to postpone exams so students can support their local handball team, ÍBV, at the final on the Icelandic mainland tonight.

Landspítali National University Hospital

Nurses in Iceland go on Strike

An eight hour strike by members of the Icelandic Nurses’ Association and the Union of Public Servants (SFR) who work for institutions in the Confederation of Welfare Service Organizations (Samtaka fyrirtækja í velferðarþjónustu) began at 8 am this morning.


Snuff Sales up 40 Percent

Sales of snuff have increased by 42 percent during the first four months of this year, according to the State Alcohol and Tobacco Company of Iceland (ÁTVR).

Icelandair Cancels 26 Flights ahead of Strike

Icelandair has canceled 26 flights tomorrow morning due to the planned strike by members of the Union of Icelandic Pilots from 6 am to 6 pm. The pilots have rejected a one-year contract with a pay increase of 2.8 percent.

ISK 82,000 Salary Gap in Iceland

The mean monthly salary for men in Iceland in 2013 was ISK 475,000 compared to ISK 393,000 for women, resulting in an ISK 82,000 (USD 730, EUR 525) pay gap.