search and rescue

Cargo Ship Runs Aground

Gasoline is leaking from the Norwegian cargo ship Fjordvik, which was transporting concrete and ran aground this weekend.

Search and rescue workers.

Almost Two Hundred Stranded Cars Rescued

Search and Rescue was called in the late hours of Thursday evening to help dig out nearly 200 vehicles that had gotten stuck on Hellisheiði mountain pass during a major winter storm.

Bus Accident

Bus Collides With Snow Plow

Two to three passengers sustained minor injuries when their bus collided with a snow plowing vehicle in Northeast Iceland yesterday afternoon.

Rescue workers

Who Is Responsible For Tourists' Safety?

Smári Sigurðsson, director of the Icelandic Association of Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR) states that it is unclear who bears responsibility for the safety of tourists in many of the country’s most popular destinations.