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Avalanche Warning on Skarðströnd

An avalanche fell from the mountain Heinabergsfjall last night on road 590 on Skarðströnd in West Iceland’s Dalir region. This is the third avalanche to fall on that part of the road in the last few days.

Camping at Lake Mývatn in February

Tourists Camp in -23°C at Mývatn

The foreign tourists who spent the night sleeping in a tent in -23°C (-9.5°F) at Lake Mývatn, Northeast Iceland, last night looked cheerful and lively as they were packing up their tens this morning, according to local Kolbrún Ívarsdóttir.

Westman Islands

Westman Islands Hit by Strong Wind

The wind at Stórhöfði in Vestmannaeyjar (the Westman islands) yesterday was among the strongest ever recorded in Iceland. The easterly wind reached 180 km/h (112mph) last night.

Iceland's Glaciers Receding Fast

The eastern part of Heinabergsjökull receded by one kilometer last year, according to the measurements of the Icelandic Society for Glacial Research (Jöklarannsóknarfélag Íslands).


Minister Criticizes Geysir Entrance Fee

Icelandic Minister of Industry and Commerce Ragnheiður Elín Árnadóttir voiced her disappointment today with the decision by private landowners to go ahead with the introduction of an entrance fee to Geysir. As reported yesterday, the fee will be introduced next month.

Siglufjörður Iceland

Above Average Temperature in Reykjavík

The average temperature in Reykjavík in January was 2.4°C (36.3°F), 2.9°C (37.2°F) above average for the month of January during the period 1961-1990 and 1.4°C (34.52°F) above the average temperature from 2004-2013.

Ice cave Iceland

Fatal Accident in Ice Cave

A fatal accident occurred yesterday when a foreign tourist in his fifties fell into a river which runs through an ice cave in Breiðamerkurjökull, Southeast Iceland. The man had been photographing the cave when he suddenly fainted and fell into the river.


Smell of Rotten Grass Covers Capital

Citizens of Reykjavík have been complaining about a repugnant smell, found in many places in the capital, including Austurvöllur Square, Miklatún and other grassy outdoor areas. The smell is caused by calcium damage in grass that has been covered by a thick layer of ice for a long time.


Outdoor Organizations Protest Nature Pass Idea

SAMÚT, the network of outdoor activity organizations in Iceland, has voiced its opposition to the establishment of a nature pass system in Iceland. SAMÚT argues that the pass system, which aims to collect funds for nature protection, would not be in line with people’s right to travel freely.