Winter Storm

Heavy snow and wind has caused numerous accidents and road closures throughout Iceland. Roofs were blown off houses in the Westman Islands where winds speeds reached 70 mph. Bad weather caused power outages in Höfn, east Iceland, while in the east Fjords, roads closed due to snow and ice...

Urban Flight

More people have moved away from Reykjavík than to the capital over the past few months, reports Fréttabladid. While no figures were given, professor of Sociology Stefan Olafsson said the migration away from Reykjavík was primarily due to rising unemployment.

Expensive Alcohol

The tax on alcohol will increase if the health minister's proposals are accepted. At a meeting of Nordic health ministers, a 50 per cent tax increase was discussed. However, Fréttabladid is reporting that a tax has not been agreed upon.

Iceland has some of the highest taxes...

Fish in the Road, Time to Nap

As winds yesterday shook the large concrete box in which I work, the secretary muttered "This is a good day to just stay in bed."

"Yes," I said. "This morning, on the...

Sixth Airwaves a Success

The 6th Iceland Airwaves Festival was declared a significant financial success. The festival, which featured more than 100 live acts, sold out on Wednesday, the first day of the fouröday event. Having started at an airport hanger in 1999, organizers are astonished at the increase in...

SÍF Group Purchases Labeyrie

SÍF Group, a leading Icelandic seafood company, purchased the French luxury food producer Labeyrie. Labeyrie, which specializes in foie gras and smoked salmon among other products, has a value of more than four times that of SÍF.

Icelandair Purchases Large Share of Easyjet

Icelandair purchased 8.4% of Easyjet on October 22, the company announced. The acquisition of the low-cost British airline is valued at ISK 6.2 billion. Following news of the purchase, Easyjet's stock rose by 16%, according to RUV.

The purchase was a part of Icelandair's...

Peace Corps Members Injured in Kabul

Three Icelandic Peace Corps members were injured when a suicide bomber struck a market in Kabul on 23 October. An American interpreter and an 11-year old local girl were killed in the attack.

Members of the Icelandic Peace Corps are involved in setting up the Kabul International Airport...

Teachers' Strike

Representatives of the Teachers' union are scheduled to meet with City Officials later today to try and resolve the five-week strike.

Meanwhile, the parents association gathered last night demanding a resolution to the strike.

Roughly 4,000 teachers have been on...

On-Line Festival

Thousands of players from all over the world participated in an Eve Online festival this past weekend. Eve Online is a forerunner of next generation massive multiplayer online role-playing games. The game, created by the Icelandic company CCP, is set in a science fiction universe.

Injured Icelanders to Return Home

The three Peace Corps volunteers injured in a suicide bomb attack in Kabul are set to return to Iceland on Friday.

The volunteers, injured on 23 October when a suicide bomber struck a market in Kabul, are recovering in a German-run hospital in Kabul.

One injured volunteer, who...

Sheep Scared to Death in Westman Islands

Six sheep plunged to their death after being chased off a cliff in the Westman Islands by a dog.

The dog was out on a walk with its owner when it began harassing the sheep. To escape the dog, the sheep unfortunately ran off a cliff.

Stranded Tourists Rescued

Four American tourists had to be rescued after the hired car they were travelling in became stuck in the highlands, north of Landmannalaugar. The rescue squad Stjarnan was called by one of the stranded tourists, who left the car and walked to a near-by mountain hut.

Housing Prices Rise

Housing prices have risen by an average of 14 percent over the past year in the Reykjavik area. The boom is a result of the government's decision to restructure housing loans. The government now offers 90 percent loans, which has increased the demand for new homes.

The boom...

Nothing budges in Teacher's strike

The meeting of teachers and county representatives at the state negotiator's offices yesterday procured no results. The meeting took three hours. Another meeting has been set for tomorrow morning. Today, parents have organised a protest outside the House of Parliament accompanied by their...

Paris exhibition costs

The Ministry of Culture has answered the formal request of RÚV news office on how much the Icelandic cultural days and exhibitions in Paris recently cost the state. They say that the total cost was 51 million ISK of which the Ministry of Culture paid 40 million. Icelandic companies sponsored the...

Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse will be visible over Iceland tonight. Due to the weather conditions, the eclipse is expected to be very colourful. The next lunar eclipse will be 3 March 2007.

Hopeful Note Sounded on Teacher's Strike

The State negotiator is expected to propose a deal that will put an end to the five-week old teacher's strike, RUV is reporting.

The new contract being discussed will offer a different work arrangement for teachers and will include a substantial wage increase.

RUV reports that...

Vodafone Buys Nordurljos

The telecommunications company Og Vodafone purchased a 90 percent stake in the media conglomerate Nordurljos. The sale price is reported to be ISK 3.6 billion. Og Vodafone is expected to purchase the remaining shares over the next few weeks.

Following the purchase, Nordurljos announced...